We are a digital studio founded in 2014 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in the heart of the Caribbean Sea.

We love playing video games, going to the beach, drinking coffee (a lot!) and creating beautiful brands that effectively convey the dreams of entrepreneurs around the world.

Our Creative Studio

Paragram (n.), is a type of verbal game that consists of altering a letter or series of letters to create new words with a different meaning.

And it's perfect for us because we specialize in identifying and visually translating what makes you unique to attract and convert your ideal client.

Our values

Attention to detail

Get to know the team

Adribel Gonzalez

General Manager - Brand Stylist + Strategist y Mentor

As a Founding Partner of Paragram, she has been in love with the web since she was 8 years old, creating her first website at Angelfire then, with an excess of glitter GIFs and HTML widgets. Much of that has changed since then, but she always maintains a passion for shaping ideas digitally becoming a visual designer and brand stylist with over 9 years in the field.Six years ago she embarked on this mission to help curious and daring people around the world - not only find their calling, but to create brands that fit their lifestyles and goals, growing alongside them.A lover of coffee, history and books, she firmly believes in win-win, in the magic of details and in leading a balanced life.

Adribel Gonzalez

Administrative Manager - Web Programmer + Project Manager

As a co-founding Partner of Paragram, Adrian keeps us focused on creation by managing our clients and projects. His goal as Project Manager is for the team to maintain a healthy balance, keeping projects on track and emails answered. A computer systems engineer, he also keeps our systems and computers running smoothly, and works on our web development projects.With a knack for copywriting, he turns drafts into beautiful, effective copy that connects and sells, taking care of our social media clients.

Claudia Torres

Graphics Designer

Beyond her design prowess, Claudia is a true team player. her open and receptive approach to feedback, coupled with excellent communication skills, makes her an invaluable asset in brainstorming sessions, design critiques, and project collaborations enhancing our team's synergy.

Enmanuel de Oleo

3D Modeling & Design
Enmanuel is our designer, who spends every day visualizing, editing and crafting visual elements for the brands we are working with. Curious, responsible, and with an extraordinary attention to detail, he converts our wireframes and ideas into attractive, responsive and interactive designs. He loves animals, sports and movies, and always has a joke to tell.Since joining the team, he is totally passionate and dedicated. If you need an opinion or help, you know who to contact!


Our design process

We take on each project with intention, dedicating ourselves to creating an accurate and efficient solution that connects with your audience and fits your operations.

Choose your mix

After getting to know each other, together we define the best way to approach the project. Afterwards, we will send you an official quote and once we receive the deposit, we will assign you a start date!

Prepare the blender

We'll give you access to our project management system where you'll find your task (yes, task!), set a date for any clarity calls (if your package includes it), and start brainstorming and creating your brand/web strategy.

Explore the flavor

Once we're on the same page, we submit our visual proposal and refine it until it fits with the strategy we've established. We use Figma to collaborate in real time, we meet via Zoom and collaborate to perfect the result.

Refine the taste for a week

If we're building a website, we hide in our studio and bring the design to life on our chosen platform (we work with Shopify, Webflow, Kajabi, and Squarespace). If it's a brand we're creating, we start working on the collaterals — business cards, social media graphics and much more!

Serve a cup of perfectly brewed coffee

After the week of refinements is over (our equivalent of review rounds, but for a whole week), it's time to celebrate! We deliver the final files to you, train you on how to use your new brand/website and celebrate together.

Interested in working with us?

Write us a message and we'll be more than happy to meet you and your project while getting things moving!

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